Hyphen, by Tania van Schalkwyk

Winner of the 2010 Ingrid Jonker Prize

‘a rich addition to English South African writing … there is not a single poem in this volume that does not expand the reader’s consciousness … this is a literary poetry, rich in ideas’ Ingrid Jonker Prize press release

Hyphen‘Tania van Schalkwyk’s poems are warm, sensuous memories that often shock and surprise at the same time … They are not just on inner space, but are poems of place, as they move from islands to the veld, from cities to the desert.’ Lindsey Collen, author of The Rape of SitaMutiny and Boy, and twice winner of the Commonwealth Writers Prize, Africa

‘It is the special gift of Tania van Schalkwyk’s poems to translate into memorable speech a life which, given its diverse origins, might well have been “lost in translation”.’ Stephen Watson, Professor of English, University of Cape Town, and author of Return of the MoonPresence of the Earth, and The Other City

Recommended retail price: R100

About the author

Tania_byNicPercival_300pxTania van Schalkwyk is the hybrid of a Hamburg sailor and a Mauritian artist, born in Africa, raised in Arabia and matured in Europe. She publishes, performs and exhibits her poetry and multi-media collaborations across the globe, and has an MA in Creative Writing from UCT. Tania lives between Cape Town and the Piketberg mountains.

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In the Same Space, by M Blackman

inTheSameSpace_72dpiRGB“My shoes made a familiar sound on the cement paving. A pigeon near South Kensington tube station was eating a chicken leg; from Kentucky, by the looks of it. I kicked out at it. It flew a few metres and then went back to it. I warned the bird that cannibalism was the enemy of progress and that eating our American allies wasn’t going to solve anything. It was deaf to the advice.”

Nick Sunderland is a twenty-something drifter in London, caught in one of the world’s oldest quandaries. Deft, compelling and piercingly witty, Blackman’s debut is a morality tale for the twenty-first century.


‘an acute literary sensibility expressed in a plot structure as compelling in its way as a well-executed thriller’ Peter Wilhelm


ISBN: 9781920218058
Recommended retail price: R100

Foundling’s Island, by PR Anderson

This collection of coasts and journeys, creatures and dreams is so crafted, and simultaneously substantial and light, that to read it is to be a stone skimming water.

As an unpublished manuscript, Foundling’s Island shared the Sanlam Literary Award in 2003.

About the author

P. R. Anderson lectures in English at the University of Cape Town. He lives in Woodstock, Cape Town, with his daughter.


Foundlings Island‘In P. R. Anderson’s stoic vision, our human need to keep things complex – to realize each moment in its full, unique vividness – is pitted against the relentless drive of the universe to simplify. Into the darkness at the far rim of consciousness the poet stubbornly probes in quest of the words that will incarnate our experience. Foundling’s Island is an impressive new collection, the work of a thoughtful, assured poet undaunted by the task that awaits him.’ J. M. Coetzee

‘P. R. Anderson’s new collection confirms a major voice – taut wit, tactile moment, wisdom, and the voluptuous easing out into – as one poem has it – the common cause to keep “abundant the abundant”. My personal favourite is “The Passing World”, a train journey where windows are also mirrors and tomorrow may arrive like a telegram following us.’ Jeremy Cronin

Here is a collection that needs to be kept close at hand so that it can be read and re-read

Foundling’s Island is one of the most deliciously complex books of poetry to appear in a while. … Words, rhythms and syntax combine to produce poems that mesmerize the reader. Mesmerizing, but not dull. Anderson probes our conscious, forcing us to grapple with the complexities of our everyday surroundings. Here is a collection that needs to be kept close at hand so that it can be read and re-read. … What stands out in Foundling’s Island is the author’s voice: Anderson’s unique, mature voice will haunt the reader. It is no accident that the collection garnered praise from the likes of Jeremy Cronin and J.M. Coetzee. Foundling’s Island is highly recommended.’ Peter Midgley, University of Alberta


ISBN: 9781920218034
Recommended retail price: R100

Killing Time, by Arthur Attwell

Whether describing the wonder and fright of a crab giving birth, a visit to the dentist, or an estuary full of bodies and shimmering birds, Arthur Attwell shows how the ghosts of our childhood, relationships, and the course of history continue to find and startle us.

About the author

Arthur Attwell is a father, husband and publishing entrepreneur living in Cape Town, South Africa.

Killing Time is his debut poetry collection. His poetry has been published in New Contrast (Cape Town), Carapace (Cape Town), and Magma (London) .


KillingTime_400pxRGB“Here is a first collection which, combining the elegance and precision of an American master like Richard Wilbur, has an enviable capacity to contain very large matters in discrete forms.” Stephen Watson

“Attwell’s poetry already has the grace and sweep of greatness . . . Not only is he a craftsman of the most particular focus (prosody), he has the knack for observation as well the ability to select exactly the right word (musicality), without — and this is the magic — losing the dreaminess and longing that makes us read poetry at all.” Diane AwerbuckSunday Times

“The poems in Killing Time are the product of ingenuity and labour. Here are dashing images, verbal cunning, original metaphors, layers, inversions, surprises — all the panoply of poetry. But also music, for Attwell well knows that poetry begins and ends in sound.” P R AndersonSunday Independent

“. . . a mighty good read and an impeccable display of the capacity of poetry. What we have in Killing Time is the real thing . . .” P R AndersonLitNet

“Sonder die stremming van vaste rym, maar met ’n inherente ritme en ’n oor vir klank, is Attwell se verse gedissiplineerde poësie . . . pietas in die beste sin van die woord, ’n eerbied vir die lewe en die dood, wat aan die gedigte ’n besondere integriteit verleen.” Cecile CilliersDie Burger

“. . . weer eens ’n goeie produk van die Engelsdepartement aan die Universiteit van Kaapstad se skryfskool en dit verklaar waarskynlik sy verskillende tegnieke en sy spel met struktuur.” Marius Crous, Die Beeld

“’n bundel waarin die digter oortuig dat hy vakman is en iets het om te sê. Dit is ’n debuut waaroor ’n mens uiters dankbaar kan wees” Joan Hambidge on Litnet


ISBN: 9781874923695
Recommended retail price: R100

Personae, by Sarah Johnson

personae_400pxRGB‘Undoubtedly one of the best debut volumes in South African poetry in recent years.’ Stephen Watson

Personae is a book of voices. In assuming the identities of a variety of figures, many from biblical history, Sarah Johnson speaks of the unspoken in their lives, revealing that often troubled point of intersection between the devotional and the erotic, and also the truth – poetic and otherwise – of Emerson’s dictum: “Many . . . can write better in a mask than for themselves.” This collection is remarkable in that its voices, speaking out of their own lives and histories, connect directly, acutely to ours.

About the author

Award-winning poet Sarah Rowan (nee Johnson) was born in 1980 and has lived in Cape Town her entire life. She completed her BA (Hons) in English and Linguistics and an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Cape Town, where she now teaches. This is her first book.


ISBN: 9781874923688
Recommended retail price: R100

Revisitings, by Kim McClenaghan

revisitings_400pxRGB‘Kim McClenaghan is above all a lyric poet. Which is to say he writes chiefly of what he calls “landscapes of the heart”. And in this, his first collection of poems, he makes these landscapes palpable, indelible.’ Stephen Watson

Kim McClenaghan, born in East London in 1974, lived in the Transkei until the age of 14 when his family moved to Cape Town. He now lives in London. His MA in Creative Writing from the University of Cape Town was on the 1856 cattle killings instigated by the prophetess Nongqawuse. He is a former editor of the literary magazine New Contrast.


ISBN: 9781874923657
Recommended retail price: R100

Time and Again, by Fiona Zerbst

TimeAndAgain_400pxRGB‘There is in Fiona Zerbst’s poetry a vein of pure lyricism which, whether sorrowing or rejoicing, goes back as far, and as deep, as Sappho.’ Stephen Watson

Fiona Zerbst was born in Cape Town in 1969. She has lived in Johannesburg and Cape Town and spent six months in Ukraine and Russia in 1995. Her two previous books of poetry are Parting Shots (Carrefour Press, 1991) and The Small Zone (Snailpress, 1995). Her poems have appeared in the anthologies The Heart in Exile (Penguin), The Pick of Snailpress (David Philip) and City in Words (David Philip). She holds a Masters degree from UCT and works as an editor.


ISBN: 9781874923602
Recommended retail price: R100