In the Same Space, by M Blackman

“My shoes made a familiar sound on the cement paving. A pigeon near South Kensington tube station was eating a chicken leg; from Kentucky, by the looks of it. I kicked out at it. It flew a few metres and then went back to it. I warned the bird that cannibalism was the enemy of progress and that eating our American allies wasn’t going to solve anything. It was deaf to the advice.”

inTheSameSpace_72dpiRGB Nick Sunderland is a twenty-something drifter in London, caught in one of the world’s oldest quandaries. Deft, compelling and piercingly witty, Blackman’s debut is a morality tale for the twenty-first century.


‘an acute literary sensibility expressed in a plot structure as compelling in its way as a well-executed thriller’ Peter Wilhelm


ISBN: 9781920218058

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